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Brass forgings offer a number of advantages over parts produced by sand casting and other manufacturing methods. The forging process improves both the properties of the alloy, and the mechanical and physical properties of the forged parts through the application of heat and pressure. For end-users, the benefits of forging include:



High strength for safety, security, or long-term applications
Elimination of porosity
Consistently tight dimensional tolerances and more intricate detail
Enhanced surface finish, for value-added cosmetic appearance
Superior polishing and finishing surface characteristics
Efficient production methods and component reduction


Gain a competitive edge with UNIFOR Brass Forgings. Our unique combination of skilled American labor, advanced automated production equipment, wide range of CAD/CAM design services, highly competitive pricing, consistent and uncompromising quality, and speed to market all add up to benefits for your bottom line.




• 09.24.2010

BRAWO USA Aluminum Forgings Announces New Facility


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